Ensembles & Pricing
STRING QUARTET (2 violins, 1 viola, 1 cello)
$800 first hour.
$400 each additional hour.
STRING TRIO (2 violins, 1 cello)
$650 first hour
$300 each additional hour.
STRING DUO (1 violin, 1 cello)
$500 first hour
$200 each additional hour.
The strings can be booked in 1/2 hour increments after first hour.

Weddings are considered one hour, which includes a 20 minute prelude before wedding as guests are arriving. No additional cost will be incurred if wedding continues past hour if ceremony begins within a reasonable time of contract time.

Unusual musical arrangements or non-standard repertoire must be cleared with music director prior to signing contract.

A trumpeter can be added to any ensemble for an additional $225.

We have a HUGE variety of ensembles available for you. Here are some of the other possibilities:

Double String Quartet
String Orchestra
Solo Violin
Solo Cello
Solo Harp
Solo Piano
Harp and violin
Harp and cello
Vocalists (any style you can think of!)
Guitar and cello
Guitar and violin
Guitar and string duo
Jazz ensemble (three to four musicians)

Call or email for pricing and additional information.